Gewzer is a producer and DJ based in Fresno, CA. Gewzer was a co-founding member of Fresno-based Smokescreen, a legendary event and collective best known for introducing a distinct brand of internet-aware club music to Fresno. More recently, Gewzer is a co-founding member and resident at BREAD, a San Francisco club night co-curated by Cage A, Prawns, and Botaz. BREAD works to bring a breadth of under-the-radar club sounds to house and techno-focused venues such as F8, Public Works, and Mighty. Gewzer’s productions have a sound that is hard to pin down — somewhere between hip-hop, juke, house, and UK funky. They incorporate off-kilter underground club rhythms, samples from nature, and touches of the human voice — all morphed together in permutations that make you dance, sweat, grow, and see beauty. Gewzer’s debut album G(LOVE)S was released in May 2016 on Baby Blue’s Vancouver-based Cyber Spa label. Gewzer played a DJ set on Classical Trax’s September NTS show, and have played support for such artists as Air Max 97, False Witness, Addison Groove, Rabit, and Korma.


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