About Bread

Bread is a San Francisco-based DJ, producer & artist collective. Since 2015, we’ve been putting together parties that highlight dance music we love from around the world

Listen to our weekly radio show Bread FM, airing Wednesdays 4-6pm PST on SF-based, or listen to previous editions on Soundcloud


Cage A (SF, founded ’14)
Prawns (Oak, founded ’14)
Botaz (Oak, joined ’15)
Gewzer (Fresno, joined ’15)
Adam Kraft (SF, joined ’16)
TF1000 (SF, joined ’16)
misoh (LA, joined ’17)
exteeng (Berk, joined ’18)

Guest Acts
since 2015. SF debuts marked with *

Abyss X*, Addison Groove, Air Max ’97*, Asquith*, Ballast*, Bastiengoat, Blackdown*, Bleaker*, Bok Bok, 8ulentina, Caski*, Celestial Trax*, DBM (Deadboy + Murlo)*, Dehousy*, DJ J Heat*, Doctor Jeep*, Dreams*, Dubbel Dutch, Endgame*, False Witness*, foozool, Fraxinus*, Ganesa, Gila, Girl Unit, Helix, Iyer, Jasmine Infiniti, Javascript*, Jlin*, Kelman Duran*, Kid Antoine*, Kieran Loftus*, Korma*, Kozee, Letta*, Logos*, Lyeform*, Mumdance, Mr. Mitch*, NA*, Nargiz*, Neana (2x)*, Patrick Brian*, Pinch, Rabit (2x)*, Roska, Route 8*, Rushmore*, Sheen*, Supraman*, Suda*, Taraval*, The Dance Pit*, TSVI*, V Kim*